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Why You Should Wait to Spay Female Dogs

In every animal shelter across the nation, overpopulation is a concern. There simply isn’t enough space to house the number of unwanted dogs and cats in a city. In an attempt to thwart breeding, shelters urge pet owners to spay and neuter their furry friends to keep more animals from being born without having forever homes. The problem with spaying younger dogs is that it shortens their life expectancy, so why not wait to spay female dogs.

A Barrier of Protection for Your Pet

Rather than force your pet to breed unnecessarily, a Delay Her Spay anti-breeding harness makes it impossible for her to get pregnant by creating a barrier between her and other dogs. It allows her body to fully mature so she’s much older when she gets spayed. This prevents unwanted pregnancies from happening to your pet, and it keeps you from trying to rehome litters of puppies, too.

Risk Factors Involved with Spaying Female Dogs When They’re Too Young

When female dogs are spayed too young, they’ve been known to develop fearful behaviors according to Studies have shown that they are likely to develop infectious diseases, too, more so than dogs older than 24 weeks in age. They’re also known to have altered body proportions because the surgery changes their bone structure making it lighter, their limbs longer, and their chests and skulls narrower.

What Makes a Delay Your Spay Harness Ideal?

As noted, there are many benefits to waiting to spay your female dog until she’s old enough for the procedure to help her live a longer, healthier life. Until then, there’s the Delay Her Spay breeding-control harness. Designed to protect your pet while she is in heat, the non-invasive product provides protection for all fur types. Your dog is still able to do her ‘business’ without interference, too, making this a must-have for all households with young female dogs.

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