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I must compliment you for making such a wonderful product available. After going through my girl’s first heat without P.A.B.S I don’t ever want to do that again!!! I have always had my dogs in the past spayed or neutered. At some time in the future I would like to breed my dalmatian’s but since I just had a knee replaced now is not the best time for me to deal with puppies. Your product is amazing. No matter how hard he tries my boy has been unsuccessful getting her pregnant with P.A.B.S. She seems very comfortable wearing the P.A.B.S. and there is no mess in the house. I have always had good service from you when I have needed additional pads and the occasional replacement part (my boy has really tried to get to her). Thank you, Dexter.

Susan DeMatteis
Marlboro, VT

Delay her Spay has super customer service and their Chastity Belt is equally as good.  My Irish Wolfhound did not fit the diapers that were available on the pet stores nor on-line.  The main reason is she has a very narrow waist and the XXL fit the back; however, the belly strap was too long.  After talking with Delay her Spay, I purchased the Chastity Belt and it worked thanks to the adjustable straps.  In her four heats I never had a leak in the house, and she did not get pregnant (I never gave her a chance to either). The Belt and pads are very easy to clean and reuse.  Great product and good luck!

Scott Kersjes
Front Royal, VA

Hello, Dexter! I wanted to thank you once again, for rushing your product to me last month. The harness worked great, and it held up to all of the abuse it received by my male Rottweiler. No matter how hard he tried, and try he did, he was always left frustrated, having been blocked at the pass by your great harness. I felt for him, but until our female is older, we don’t want them hooking up, not until she is two years old. This was her first heat. We have showed your harness to the people who run our dog training school (Blue Ribbon Canine Centre), here in Montreal, and they were very impressed with it. We’ve also shown the harness to two local pet stores, and our veterinarian, and they were equally impressed with your harness. Everyone mentioned that they’d like to have some of your harnesses on hand, because they are always getting requests for a better and more convenient way to protect females from unwanted pregnancy. So, I hope that you start receiving more orders from Canada.

Chris, Montreal

For more than 30 years, I have made dogs the centerpiece my life, and I am fortunate enough to have turned my passion into my line of work. As a nationally recognized premiere dog handler, I encounter many products designed especially with the breeder in mind. Countless products approach the superfluous, yet do not really address your needs as a breeder. With that in mind, I am thrilled to introduce a historic breakthrough in the way we breed our pets. The old way of managing breeding meant locking up and separating your loved one. Now, your loved one can be offered what she ultimately deserves—protection without the psychological trauma of confinement. The search is over. PABS’ Delay Her Spay is a remarkable innovation in controlling and managing breeding. I am simply moved by this innovation. It will dramatically improve the way we breed our pets. A breeder’s essential, PABS is the best assurance your female dog is bred by the male of your choice. It puts you in total control of your breeding program. Stop accidental and unwanted breeding and eliminate the psychological trauma of confining your loved one. The choice is simple. Welcome to a new era in breeder management.

Terri Galle
Premiere Dog Handler, Stevensville, Texas

Delayherspay, You guys are awesome. We ordered a chastity belt for our dog Daisy. We ordered the wrong size. We called and left a message around 6:45 pm. Within 10 minutes Dexter called back. We explained and he was so helpful. He made sure to send the correct size we needed. He expedited the order because Daisy was in heat. He called back a couple days later to make sure we got the chastity belt and make sure it fit. In today’s world it is rare to find such honest and caring customer service. I strongly recommend doing business with this company. The chastity belt is virtually indestructible. It works very well. It kept our 180-pound Saint Bernard male from being able to impregnate Daisy. I am so happy we found this company on Amazon. Thanks Again. 

Brutus St Bernard
Augusta, ME

We purchased your PABS™ system for our 2 Bernese Mountain dogs after spending a week isolated from each other in order to keep the male separated from the females. We no longer have to keep the dogs separated and this has given us peace of mind and freedom knowing there won’t be any accidental bleedings. Our young male is so happy to be able to play with his sisters out in the snow. The system was easy to put on and fits well and our girls have accepted PABS™ without any trouble. We especially love the convenience of having a system which allows them to go to the bathroom without having to remove it. It also gives the girls the ability to keep themselves clean as they normally would. The pads are very helpful during periods of heavy bleeding. We have recommended your product to other Berner breeders and would recommend to all breeders.

Andrea Carlson J.P
Walker Singing Sands Bernese Mountain Dogs Valparaiso, IN

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