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5 Quick Tips for Fitting Your Dog Chastity Belt

It is extremely important that your Delay her Spay Dog Chastity Belt is properly fitted. This ensures not only that your dog will stay protected, but that she will also be able to relieve herself while wearing the harness. When properly fitted you won’t have to clean your dog’s harness after she defecates!

The following tips are a result of first-hand experience of using the harness with a dog in heat around intact males.

You should receive these parts with your order.

Dog Chastity Belt Harness Parts

TIP #1. Unclip all the buckles. Disconnect the back strap from the waistband, but leave the back strap connected to the collar

If the system arrives with all buckles attached to its corresponding strap, disconnect them carefully. Pay particular attention when you disconnect the buckles. That way, it will make it easier for you to know which straps go to which buckles when viewing our color coded instructions below.

Disassembling the harness in the beginning allows you to put the harness on your dog in the easiest possible way. They are really easy to add back to the system later.

TIP #2. Start with the “rear mesh protector” when fitting your dog.

Let’s start by connecting the rear mesh protector to the waistband.

Step 1. Make sure the bottom strap (1) is connected to the 3rd buckle (1) on the waist band as shown, before attempting to put the harness on your dog.

                                          Color Coded Map of Dog Chastity Belt

(As you can see, once the center strap is connected, all the other straps connect in corresponding order. But we will get to that later. For now, move to the next step in this tip.)

Step 2. Place the waist band around your dog’s waist and buckle it (2 to 2). Make sure the buckles are facing to the rear when you buckle the waistband.

Step 3. Pull the rear mesh protector through her legs and place her tail in the open space near the rear square pad. Buckle the top 2 buckles (3, 4) to your waistband.

Step 4. Now you can buckle up the 2 straps (5, 6) beside each leg. Note that when straps (5, 6) are connected a natural loop is formed around the dogs thigh.

Step 5. You can also reconnect the back strap and place the collar around the dog’s neck.

TIP #3. Make sure the harness is not too tight! Adjust the Chastity Belt for its initial fitting.

If the harness is too tight, she will bite at it to get it off!

Thus, once the entire system is fitted, you may need to adjust it to ensure the rear mesh protector covers her vulva, but leaves her anus exposed to allow for free defecation.

Step 1. Adjusting the leg straps (5, 6). Make sure that you can comfortably place 2 fingers in between the strap and the dog’s leg. This will prevent the harness from rubbing against your dog’s leg. If you can’t place 2 fingers between her leg and the side leg straps then please readjust the leg straps so that she can remain comfortable.

Step 2. Adjust the straps (3, 4) near the square pad. You want to make sure that both straps are adjusted evenly at the buckles. This will ensure that the rear protector spreads evenly along her rear.

Correctly Fitted Dog Chastity Belt   
    (©Jay Naylor 2012)             
Correct Fitting       


Incorrect Fitting of the Dog Chastity Belt

  (©Jay Naylor 2012)           
IN-Correct Fitting


Step 3. Adjust the strap between her legs to be as tight as comfortably possible. This strap is extremely important for making sure she can freely defecate and urinate. You want to adjust this strap to be as tight as is needed to ensure that the rear protector does not cover her anus.


TIP #4.  Periodic Adjustment.

If your dog is from an extremely active breed, you will notice that the back strap may loosen over time. If this happens, the rear protector will drop to below her anus. You will need to tighten up the back strap to ensure that she stays protected and can continue to freely relieve herself. Please check your back strap daily to ensure that is remains tight!


TIP #5.  Remember to Remove the Sani-T Pad!

This tip seems kinda obvious, but we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from customers that they had forgotten to remove the Sani-T Pad when sending their dog outside to relieve herself. It won’t hurt the harness if you forget to remove the Sani-T Pad, but your dog may be a little wetter between the legs when she comes in.

BONUS TIP.  Remember Your Inflatable Collar!

We highly recommend you buy a cervical collar, inflatable collar, or Elizabethan collar if your dog is from an active breed, or tends to use her mouth when exploring! This will ensure that she stays protected. It has been our experience that the male dog will not bite the harness! He will be more interested in breeding!

Please don’t hesitate to call the manufacturer’s of the Delay her Spay Harness for any of your sizing questions.

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