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Unleash the Hormones: Why Waiting for Your Pup to Grow Up is Worth It!

Are you concerned that your dog is too young to spay because she hasn't gone through a first heat cycle? In fact, it is in your dog's best interest to wait so that she will be healthier. Here are your options for avoiding an accidental litter in the meantime! Read More

The Canine Catastrophe: What Happens if you Cut Off Your Dog's Hormones Prematurely?

Hey Dog Lover, Picture this: Your pup has is getting ready for her first heat. You're a well-meaning, albeit slightly misinformed, pet owner who decides...

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Can a Dog's Heat Cycle Ruing a Hunting Trip? Read on to Find Out...

  Bunny Business Meets Puppy Love: A Hunting Trip Gone Awry (With a Twist)   Hey there, fellow adventure seekers! Today, I have an extraordinary...

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Ugh! You Again! She is in HEAT! No Woofers Allowed!

  Woof, woof, and a pinch of mischief! If you have an intact female dog, you know the challenges of warding off amorous advances from...

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