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Three Things You Need to Know About Your Dog Who is in Heat

A lot of young, female dog pet owners don’t know what to do when their pet is in heat. Instead of researching their options, they immediately take their dogs to the vet to have them spayed. This an effective way to avoid pregnancy but it also could be very traumatic to the animal you’ve brought in. Young dogs that get spayed too early face a lot of health challenges.

Here are three things you need to know about your dog who is in heat:

  1. Her first heat will occur between six to fifteen months. Studies have shown that it is very dangerous to spay pets under twelve months of age. Despite wanting to avoid pregnancy, scheduling surgery for a young, female dog poses a threat to their physical and emotional health.
  2. The first heat is often “silent”. You’ll get little warning that she is in heat. There won’t be much swelling or bleeding. Male dogs may not pay attention to her. That doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be without protection, however. Your dog could get pregnant at this time.
  3. Chlorophyll capsules mask the scent of your dog in heat. A veterinarian will recommend the right dosage based on your dog’s breed, weight, and age. It helps minimize the smell that she puts out and can be used with a dog chastity belt to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Learning how to properly care for a young female dog while she is in heat, helps bring her great comfort. If you haven’t looked into buying a Delay Her Spay dog chastity belt, it’s time that you do so. You won’t have to worry about your pet getting pregnant before her body is ready for puppies. You’ll also avoid the dangerous task of spaying her too soon in her very young life.

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