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DIY Dog Diaper Videos Prove that Dog Diapers Don’t Work

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The sheer number of people watching DIY dog diaper videos proves that dog diapers don’t work! In fact, this has got to be the worst kept secret in the pet industry. Every pet parent who has tried dog diapers knows the pain of them falling off their dog’s rear, or the ickyness one feels having to clean up their dog’s mess.

Sure…dog diapers work temporarily. By “temporarily” I mean they stop working as soon as you turn your back. Plus, it is at the exact moment that the dog diaper does the job that was intended to do, that the pet parent’s work really begins…eeww!

It's this temporary condition that has lead many do-it-yourselfers to create their own DIY dog diapers. Fortunately for us, these industrious pet owners have shared their efforts with us through their own YouTube videos.  And, unbeknownst to many, DIY dog diaper videos have become popular YouTube viewing!  Some of them have reached Dr. Pimple Popper status for dog videos!

For example, here are just a few of the popular DIY dog diaper videos and the number of times they have been viewed on YouTube.

How to Make a Dog Diaper Yourself for Cheap (Simple DIY Guide),” posted by Top Dog Tips, has over 18k views!

 “DIY Diaper for female dog,” by Erns World, has over 25K views!

How to make a doggy diaper,” posted by WIL Media, has over 43K views!

Dog on her period – care dog menstrual DIY diapers – dog’s heat cycle,” by Cerita Indonesia, has over 88K views!

As you can see, that is a lot of people looking for ways to build a better dog diaper. You can almost say that these videos have gone mini-viral!

While each DIYer uses a different approach, each is trying to construct a dog diaper that stays in place. Many of their attempts focus on constructing a dog diaper that fits more snug around the dog’s waist. Other attempts include DIY dog diapers, which use suspenders or stretchable straps to make sure the dog and diaper stay united. 

But, what many DIYers are excited to find out is that a better dog diapering system already exists that stays in place on the dog’s rear! It is called the Delay her Spay harness, and it is being sold by a U.S. based company called Highly Favored Creations (HFC).


Racoon Dog in a Diaper

HFC has sold over 10,000 Delay her Spay harnesses to pet parents in over 85 countries. It is a wonderful device that solves all the problems caused by dog diapers and more!

The Delay her Spay harness stays in place because its unique back strap ensures that the rear panties remains on her backside! No more chasing her around or taping or even using suspenders! The harness is easy to fit into, and once it is on, you are safe to turn your back! Plus, the harness comes with sanitary pads, called “Sani-T Pads,” that fit into the rear panties to keep your flooring and upholstery clear of the mess that comes with the heat cycle.

Another advantage of using the Delay her Spay harness is that your dog can relieve herself while wearing it, with little to no mess for the pet parent to clean up! Now, if that sounds unbelievable, I encourage you to watch the videos on their YouTube channel.

When she wants to urinate, you simply remove the Sani-T Pad from the rear panties and she is able to relieve herself through the mesh covering her vulva. If she is ready to defecate, leave her in the harness and let her outside. Because the rear panties are heart shaped, she can poop over the top of the panties leaving no mess for you to clean up.  It’s true! The even have the video on their YouTube channel to prove it!

So, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, or just someone looking for a better dog diaper system, I would encourage you to visit their website, or contact them by phone (318.655.4368). The company’s president has over 40 years of dog training and behavioral analysis experience. He and his team are remarkably friendly. They will answer all your questions. And, you can tell they really love dogs!

If you want to find our more, use the contact information below.

Contact Information:

Dexter Blanch

Delay her Spay Harness, The Dog Chastity Belt Company

Shreveport, LA 71119

Customer service: (877) 224-7706

Customer Service email:



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