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The WHY of Replacing an Under-Performing Product Line

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Jake the Dog in Diaper by Pendleton Ward, 2014

When we have a product line that is not performing as expected, typically our immediate reaction is to find a suitable replacement product line for the upcoming release season. We don’t often ask WHY the product line is under-performing. Determining why a product line is failing may will help us avoid replacing the product line with an equally under-performing one.

What you should know is that there may not be anything wrong with the product line. Take comfort in the fact that you were not misguided when you added it. It is likely a great product. However, the product line may be under-performing because it is simply doesn’t perform the job as the customer intended.

Take dog diapers, for example. They are a big seller for many pet product buyers. Still, a glance of customer reviews of the top selling dog diapers clearly shows that they don’t perform as the customer intended. Customers complain that the diapers don’t stay in place, have poor glue on the tabs, and create a mess when the dog relieves herself while wearing it. Dog diapers are not the right product for the intended job.

Instead of replacing dog diapers with a different brand of dog diapers, consider adding a product that is more versatile than the dog diaper, and also does the job the dog diaper was supposed to do. The Pet Anti-Breeding System (PABS) is just such a product. PABS comes with a Sani-T Pad sanitary pad that is a tremendous upsell item.

PABS, is a dog chastity belt that covers a female dog’s vulva. When the Sani-T Pad is included with the PABS, the system catches urine and blood. When she is sent outside to relieve herself, the Sani-T Pad is removed and she can both urinate an defecate. For consumers, that means no mess to clean up.

If there is no mess to clean up, consumers will buy more products resulting in a product line the performs better than anticipated.

The Lesson:  Instead of replacing an under-performing product line with a similar product line that also does not perform the job the customer intends, consider replacing an under-performing product line with a product line that does the job that the customers intend. You may have a greater chance of improving your number of high performing product lines.

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