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Finding the Right Protective Cone for Your Dog

If you’re like most people when you think of pet cones you think of those big hard plastic cones. Typically used after surgery to keep the animal from biting, licking or scratching the surgery site. When you look at a dog wearing one for example, what’s usually the first thought? The dog looks so uncomfortable with that big plastic cone. Does it hurt? Is it comfortable for them? Can they see normally?

When wearing the Elizabethan cone, some dogs have complications. Depending on the size of the dog it’s quite easy for them to knock things over in the house or have limited space in an area they are kept. They are unable to eat or drink their water comfortably and even run into a few things because they don’t have a full range of vision. One of the most important things in healing is being comfortable and emotionally stable. Knowing your dog will be unhappy and uncomfortable should be unacceptable.

There are some alternatives to this hard-uncomfortable cone. Many DIY cones or collar-like devices do not eliminate the issues of being uncomfortable. Plastic bowls, cut up pool noodles, or even just wrapping shirts around their neck are quick fixes but highly ineffective.


Our favorite alternative (which we offer on our website at the lowest cost) is the inflatable collar. With an inflatable collar, issues such as being uncomfortable are eliminated. Being soft and flexible allows not only dogs to function as normal as possible but many smaller animals can wear them too. The inflatable collar allows them to eat as normal and move around with full vision. Pet parents are especially happy that their household items remain where they are and no worries of their pet running into walls. This collar gives emotional stability which leads to a faster healing process.

What’s especially great about the inflatable collar is that it’s not solely for medical use. It can also be used while grooming to keep the pet from hindering the process. Adding the inflatable collar to the Delay her Spay PABS system provides premium protection of the unit and the dog. Worn properly and securely it prevents the female dog from biting or chewing on the system that can lead it to default and allow a male dog to get to her. With so many uses it’s hard to deny that the inflatable collar is the best and most comfortable wear for pets who need them. As our President says, “The inflatable collar makes your pet feel as though they are flying first class.”


As always do what’s best for your pet. Consult with their veterinarian before making any pet health decisions.

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