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Can Your Dog Get The Flu?

Yes! Dogs get the flu too! During flu season for humans’ dogs can also catch a form of "canine influenza". It has been around for many years and a few other animals can catch the strain. If you notice these things, then your dog may have the flu:

Runny nose, cough, and sneezing


Loss of appetite

Change of behavior

According to WebMd Pets, almost 20% of dogs have the flu and show no symptoms and if not caught and treated the flu can turn into pneumonia.

Some of the ways a dog can catch the flu:

If another dog sneezes on him

Putting a toy in their mouth that an infected dog was playing with

Pet parent can pass it on to their dog from another dog

The dogs most at risk, of course, are our little puppies and our elder dogs. Dogs with smushed noses are also more vulnerable to respiratory infection.

Treating your dog with the flu is the same as treating yourself:

Take the dog to the vet. They may prescribe antibiotics.

Fluids and a quiet place to rest

Keep them away from other dogs

Get your dog vaccinated, it may not prevent it, but it will lessen the longevity and severity of the flu.


We care about the overall health of your dog. Always consult with your vet to make the best possible choice in your pets’ health care.

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