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Are There Alternative Uses for an Inflatable Collar?

Most Definitely!

While not new to the scene, the inflatable collar has recently been making a lot of noise around social media and websites. Everyone knows that the collar has many uses for pets. Some of those uses are even quite practical, such as after surgery or use during a grooming session. However, did you know that there are alternative uses for the inflatable collar that can get quite creative?

Here is a list of alternative uses for the inflatable collar that might surprise or even entertain you:

Airplane pillow- Long flight? Use the inflatable collar to keep your head in an upright position during a long flight to avoid a crook in your neck.

Butt pillow- for the times you just can’t sit right for whatever reason.

Provide comfort for kids taking a nap on a long road trip -- You can use the inflatable collar to keep your child’s head from slumping to the side as they nap in their car seat. (No more grumpy ones at the trip's conclusion!)

Help with the morning hairdo-When you need a little help getting your child’s head to stay stationary while you comb, press, or apply barrettes, the inflatable collar can be your best friend.

Recliner TV watching- Help keep grandpa’s head up as the tv watches him in his recliner.

Facial Time- Ladies, when it’s time to relax and put on that face mask with the cucumbers add this to your routine to give extra support to your neck while you lounge.

Keep your Dog Chastity Belt in Place- The inflatable collar ensures that the Delay her Spay dog chastity belt stays in place during use. No more wondering if she will chew at the harness. No more concern over whether the harness will fall off like ordinary dog diapers. The inflatable collar makes the Delay her Spay harness a nearly impenetrable anti-breeding system.

Plus, Delay her Spay offers the inflatable collar at the lowest price possible online at When paired with Sani-T Pads, sanitary pad, the inflatable collar makes the Delay her Spay harness a premium protection system for our lady dogs.

Easy to inflate with a mouthpiece and super easy to clean with removable sleeve. Get one for yourself and your pet!!

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