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Desexing- Responsible or Barbaric?

This is another controversial subject that usually gets brought up when Ear Cropping or Tail Docking is discussed as they are all forms of “Mutilation” in some people’s eyes.

Now in my personal view desexing should be done in respect of a medical condition if the dog/bitch isn’t matured (cancerous testicles for example)

Now dont get me wrong I agree prevention is better than a cure but this is the only exception in my eyes especially when puppies are concerned as the testicles and ovaries provide much needed hormones to fight disease (even certain cancers) not to mention generic aging processes such as growth in body and mind.

They’re are now even proceedures than can be done that can remedy this and that’s “Vasectomy and Ovary Sparing Proceedures”  now as that’s more of a complex topic, id much rather direct you to “Voss Pets ” which is a campaign for these proceedures ran in connection with “Healthful Dog “

It’s become common practice for shelters, rescue centres etc to desex canines and felines before they are rehomed, now from their view I can see why they’d want to as they are overwhelmed with them as it is and many are euthanised because of this, so they do all they can to reduce breeding and the potentiality of their puppies coming to them in the future after being abandoned, unwanted gifts etc… But id much rather them follow the ” Vasectomy and Ovary Sparing Proceedures ” that can be done which still allows the animals to produce necessary hormones to help maintain and promote a strong immune system.

You will find the common adverts to promote desexing such as this one by Save a Bull Rescue

 But here’s my little edit

Now I know some won’t agree with this blog price but there are many that will and for those who are interested in avoiding unwanted pregnancies with an unspayed bitch, there’s a tool that’s been developed by “PABS Delay Her Spay” which is pretty much a canine chastity belt (there maybe a feline version too)  check them out :

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