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Can You Get A Dog Spayed After Her First Heat?

Reproduction is a natural part of the life cycle. Since pets do not have to concern themselves with the everyday tasks of providing for their young in these harsh economic times, they tend to scratch the itch whenever the need arises. In a bid to control the rising number of unplanned pets spaying and neutering was introduced.


What Exactly Is Spaying?

Spaying is a term used to refer to the process of ovariohysterectomy in female dogs. What this simply means is that it is the act of ‘desexing’ female animals to keep them from reproducing. While this definition paints a grim picture, this procedure is undertaken by qualified veterinaries based on available medical evidence.


The Benefits of Spaying

Apart from it primarily being a population control tool, spaying has several health benefits when performed at the right age. Key amongst them is its importance in reducing the risk of malignant mammary tumors occurring in dogs. It helps reduce breast cancer in dogs. Another important benefit of spaying at the right age is the ability to avoid uterine complications for your pets much later in life.  Whenever a dog goes through a heat cycle without being bred, they end up developing complications of spaying a puppy, such as, endometriosis.


The Ideal Age For Spaying?                                                                                                                            

What age should a puppy be spayed? There is no consensus on when it is right age to spay your female dog. Recent research from U.C Davis and Purdue University suggest that the right age to spay is after the dog reaches maturity. The age of maturity for a dog depends on the size. Large dogs, like the Great Dane or Mastiff, should be spayed after the dog reaches 2 or 3 years of age, while smaller dogs should not be spayed until they are at least 1 years of age. When keeping your pet for breeding purposes on top of the companionship, then it makes sense that you delay the spaying procedure all together.


Is Spaying After The First Heat Appropriate?

With spaying, it is all about timing. Spaying at a younger age has its advantages and so does delaying the process. Since dogs need their hormones too, and the first heat cycle occurs at the age of about seven months old, spaying before the first heat may put her at risk of early incontinence and bone deformities. Consequently, waiting until after the first heat cycle can be effective in reducing the risk of cancer and other uterine complications, especially if it is done between the first and the second heat cycles. The success rates of spaying in reducing the risk of cancer and other complications in your pets decrease the longer you wait. Weigh the pros and cons of spaying before or after the first heat to make an informed decision.


Additional Information on Delaying Spaying for the Health of Your Dog and the Pet Anti-Breeding System:

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