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We at the dog chastity belt company know that this product comes with specific pointers for pet parents. There are all kinds of body shapes that come with different breeds. Being a passionate dog trainer for over 45 years has given me great insight into breeds body types. I can surely address the sizing more correctly than the average eye on the website. And doggy diapers most of the time just don’t work at a chaotic time when your dog is in heat.

It has dawned on me that the conversations I have with dog parents are the highlight of the many days I do this. When the dog comes in heat it can be a challenging time. But we pride ourselves in offering that extra security so breeding won’t happen. We are blessed to sell our dog chastity system the world over.

We sell on marketplaces like, Walmart.comand other eCommerce sites. They can not offer customer service like us. When your dog comes in heat you need to be on top of it. Especially if you have an intact male around. Our best pivot was to add customer service tools to our website and now we hate didn’t do it years ago. We are seeing fewer returns and greater success of the product by giving out pointers.

So if you’re coming to this blog and reading this to help with your purchase. Be smart and call us at 877-224-7706 for some great suggestions. Or you can chat with us right off the web page.

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