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4 Awesome Tricks that Will Ensure Your Dog Diapers are More Functional

As more dogs get spayed or neutered before they reach maturity, we will begin to see more and more dogs suffering from dog incontinence at earlier ages. For example, according to recent statistics the number of incontinence dogs has increased by 21% in Canada. Dog diapers are a very important component for the incontinence dogs.

Whether your little girl is in heat or the dog has a leaky bladder, dog diapers are always the best solution. In order to make a complete advantage of this great solution for dog incontinence, you need to determine the right type of diaper for your dog.

If you have successfully managed to find a perfect doggy diaper that is capable of absorbing urine properly, offers a snug fit and is one your canine enjoys then good for you! However, if you have not found the perfect dog diaper, here are four awesome tricks that will help ensure your dogs’ diapers are more functional.

1. Always Express the Bladder before Diapering

Expressing the bladder is recommended even if you are using the dog incontinence diapers. Expressing the bladder before changing the diapers will help in ensuring the urine amount in the diaper is minimized. It is important that you always empty the dog’s bladder after every eight hours to help prevent infection from the small amount of urine that might be remaining in the bladder. It will not only keep the canine in good health by preventing irritation of skin and infection but it can also help increase the efficiency of the diapers.

2. Go for the Next Size up In case you have a Male Dog

It is always a good idea to use the size chart when shopping for your dogs’ diapers as it helps in finding the right fit for your diaper. However, when shopping for a male dog diaper, it is advisable that you always go for one size up especially if it is disposable dog diapers. This is because when taking your dogs waist measurements, there are chances you did not include the genital area. The male dogs also needs diapers which can fit higher on their waists in order to help prevent leakage and going for one size up will ensure you find a perfect fit.

3. Try Out a Different Type

The dogs’ diapers are usually available in different style full coverage diapers, harness and belly bands wear. You need to consider which type of dogs diaper is the most effective. In case your dog is energetic and active, try avoiding the belly bands since they always tend to shift out of place. The belly bands only work well for the dogs that dribble urine and not for the fully incontinent dogs.

4. Try Infant Onesie’s or boy’s briefs

There are pets especially females when on heat tend to scoot out of their diapers and they will never get used to wearing diapers no matter what you do. It is not because they are not comfortable when wearing the diapers but because they never accept wearing the diapers. As such, the infant onesie’s or the boy’s briefs can be of great solution. You can always use an infant onesie over the diaper to help in securing the diaper.

Other Ideas You Can Consider

Here are other ideas which have been tried and tested by pet owners that will help your dogs’ diapers be more functional.
Ensure you find a diaper with elastic gathers to help protect against leakage.

Go for diapers with more absorbent and thicker padding.

Go for pads with fur friendly and robust fasteners. It is also possible to add more Velcro to the tabs to ensure the fit snugly.

Ensure you make the tail hole smaller or elastic. This will ensure the poop is kept better whenever you position the pads partially covering the tail hole.

Lastly, if you are not fond of cleaning up the mess associated with using dog diapers, infant onesies or boy briefs, then try a less messy doggie diaper alternative. For example, one alternative is being sold as a harness for preventing pregnancy in dogs[Please include a hyperlink to our site here.]. However, the harness includes a sanitary pad traditionally used to protect flooring, upholstery, and car seats from the dogs blood during the heat cycle. The great thing about the harness and sanitary pad it is less messy, and easier to clean than traditional dog diapers.

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