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How to Take Care of Your Young Female Dog Who is in Heat

If you have a young female dog, it’s important to know that she will eventually become sexually receptive to male dogs. She will go through stages throughout the year where she will be “in heat” which is prime breeding time. If you want to eliminate access to your pet while this happens, it’s important to invest in harnesses that make breeding impossible. Designed to protect your young dog, the harness doesn’t get in the way of her normal day to day activities

Here are some things to expect from a dog who is in heat:

  • She may tire quickly. Each dog responds to the changes in her body differently. Some are tired all day long. Others feel restless. It’s important to find a good balance between rest and exercise. You can engage your dog in play or take her on a walk but make sure that you give her enough time and a comfortable place to sleep.
  • She needs things to chew on. If you have to leave her alone because of work, school or family obligations, make sure she has plenty of toys and chews available. This provides her relief by keeping her busy while you’re away. Instead of being restless the whole time you’re gone, she’ll have something taking up her time.
  • She can wear an anti-breeding harness. Keep her safe from premature pregnancy by having her wear her Delay Her Spay harness while she is in heat. Your dog can still maintain a normal routine by going outdoors to use the bathroom but no dogs will be able to impregnate her because of the built-in harness barrier.

Protect your young female dog from unnecessary pregnancies at a young age. Invest in a Delay Her Spay pet breeding-prevention harness. This keeps your furry friend healthier longer by keeping her from having puppies while she is still a puppy herself.

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