Protective Inflatable Dog Collar for Stopping Bite-Offs

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The  Delay her Spay Harness becomes a Premium Delay her Spay Harnessing System when you include our Protective Inflatable Dog Collar. The collars come in black and grey. The inflatable collar ensures that the harness stays in place, because it prevents her from turning around to bite at her rear-end.  We have reduced our price on our protective inflatable collars to the lowest possible level so you can add it to system and better protect your dog.
You will also get the added benefits that our Protective Inflatable Dog Collar is:
  • Comfortable: Inflatable collars are soft and it does not block your pet’s vision, so they can eat, drink, sleep and play normally
  • Scratch and bite resistant: The inflatable collar is scratch and bite resistant to prevent punctures and ensure repeated use  
  • Easy to store: The inflatable recovery design allows you to deflate the collar for easy storage it in a small space when not in use
  • Adjustable: The collar has an inner ring that can be adjusted to a proper size for your pet by using your harness
  • Washable and soft: The premium protective collar is also washable, Additionally, the collar is soft which means it will not mark or scrape your furniture or flooring.
  • Easy to install: The collar comes with inner loops for easy installation. Just insert the Delay her Spay Harness collar (or your pet's everyday collar) through the inner ring loops for a stabilization.
  • Note: Measurement differences may exist between breeds. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT OUT SIZING, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL. We hate returns and we know you do too!