Harness and Diaper System Combo.
Harness and Diaper System Combo.
Harness and Diaper System Combo.
Harness and Diaper System Combo.

Harness and Diaper System Combo

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PABS™ Doggie Diaper (# Pads)
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We know that sometimes your dog suffers from chronic or intermittent incontinence, making her coat messy Or, that she needs a little help house training. That is why pet parents order our PABS Delay Her Spay HarnessTM and Sani-T™ Pads as a combined system. When used together the harness and pad are perfect for keeping her and her bedding clean. Our Sani-T™ Pads are washable and reusable. Please choose your quantity of pads according to how often you plan on changing them.

Fitting Instructions For Medium Sized Units

Fitting Instruction For Larger Sized Units

Our patented PABS Delay Her Spay harness is a dog chastity belt doubling as a secure dog diaper system when used with our Sani-T™ Pads. With Delay Her Spay and Sani-T Pads, you can stop unwanted or accidental breeding, and protect your home's surfaces during the period associated with your female's heat cycle. Delay Her Spay has an eight-point buckle system making it difficult to remove—even by the most determined male. It is made of soft, durable webbing and includes a mesh backing to keep her rear end covered at all times. The webbing is suitable for all coats and fur. Our Sani-T Pads are washable and reusable, which save you money and is environmentally conscious.

The PABS Delay Her Spay dog breeding-prevention system with Sani-T Pads is also ideal for female dogs experiencing incontinence or excitable urination.

Question: What if I do not see the Delay Her Spay dog harness and diaper sizes I need in the sizing chart, or I have a special-order request?

Answer: To place special orders, follow through with your order here. Near the end of the process a form will be presented where you can provide fitting specifications.

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Our goal at Highly Favored Creations, LLC is multi-faceted! Our sincere desire is to put an END premature spaying. Recent scientific findings indicate that delaying spaying may add years to your dog’s life and increase its general health. We take great pride in producing a product that, when used, promotes healthier and longer-living pets.


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