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My dog is in heat, but I am still taking her trick or treating this year!

Trick or Treating with My Pup can turn into A Hilarious Howl-o-ween Adventure!

Ladies and gentlemen, the spookiest season of the year is upon us, and that means it's time for tricks, treats, and the most thrilling challenge of all—taking your dog trick-or-treating! But beware, some of the perilous candy cornfields and chocolate lagoons are not safe for our furry friends.

I'm, going to tell you just Cindy and I did it last year.

Can't go without wearing the Pawfect Outfits...

First things first, dressing up in complementary outfits is an absolute must. My costume choice was easy: I went as a werewolf (because my transformation into a candy-eating monster was imminent), and Cindy donned her adorable full moon costume to keep me in the mood entire walk...and of course she wore her dog chastity belt from Delay her Spay cause she was in heat. We were quite the dynamic duo, ready to conquer the neighborhood!

As we went from door to door, the first challenge reared its sugary head. One of my neighbors tried to give Cindy a small chocolate candy. You see, some candies are as dog-friendly as a cat in a dog costume. While Cindy charmed everyone with her cuteness, I had to play "candy bouncer." Cindy certainly could not have any chocolate.

Chocolate is like Kryptonite of canines. In enough quantities, Cindy's full moon would have eclipsed. But, that is not all! Any candy with xylitol is also off limits. Xylitol as a sugar substitute toxic to dogs and often found in sugar-free gum and mints. And, last, but by no means least, is anything hard or sticky that could cause choking or dental issues.

Still, I didn't want Cindy to be completely left out of the treat eating fun, I packed some of Cindy's own dog friendly treats! Cindy may have missed out on the candy loot, but I came prepared with dog-friendly treats in our trusty pumpkin pail.

Here's the list of safe goodies for your canine companion:

1. Pumpkin Dog Treats: A fitting choice for Halloween, pumpkin-flavored treats are a hit with our furry friends.

2. Carrot Sticks: A crunchy and healthy option to keep your pup satisfied.

3. Apple Slices (Without Seeds): An apple a day keeps the candy monsters at bay!

4. Dog Biscuits: Classic and always a hit with canines.

5. Cheese Bits: Just watch out for your dog's cheeseburger cravings.

As we returned home, I laid out our loot side by side. Cindy gave her best "I want that!" puppy-dog eyes, but I held firm. I checked each piece for any open wrappers or missing candies. Canines are crafty, and I didn't want any midnight surprises.

Our Halloween adventure was full of laughter, candy negotiations, and spooky surprises. The best thing about our adventure was that I did not have to worry about any lurking male dogs surprising us from every dark corner. Cindy's dog chastity device protected us the entire way. Thank you Delay her Spay!

I might not have gone home with the biggest bag of sweets ever, but I gained memories of a howling good time with my pup. We learned that Halloween can be just as much fun without all the sugar.

So, fellow dog-loving Halloween enthusiasts, remember to protect your furry friends from dangerous candies, keep some dog-approved treats handy, and enjoy a safe and unforgettable night of tricks, treats, and tails with your beloved pets. Happy Howl-o-ween! 🎃🐾

Very sincerely,

The PABS Delay her Spay Family

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