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How Does an Anti-Breeding Dog Harness Work?

You may have heard about dog chastity belts in the past but had no idea how they worked. Don’t worry, there are many people just like you who have questions that need answering. We wanted to take a moment to explain how the Delay Her Spay anti-breeding dog harness works so you know how to protect your unsterilized female dog from becoming pregnant at a young age.

Here’s how an anti-breeding dog harness works:

  • It takes minutes to put on your dog and creates a physical barrier between her and other dogs. It looks like your typical dog harness but is an effective chastity belt for your pet. It’s safe, non-invasive and allows your dog to continue to do what she does indoors and outdoors without getting pregnant.
  • Fitted with doggie diapers, it prevents your dog from making messes in the house. When your dog has her period, there will be blood. You don’t have to worry about it getting onto things while she is wearing a pad. You can also leave her alone when you go to work without fear that she’ll wet or soil the floor or your furniture.
  • Your dog can do her business outside with ease. Even while wearing the harness, your dog can do what she needs to do outside. Just remove the pad that she is wearing and allow the mesh on the harness to do its job. You won’t have to worry about embarrassing accidents while company is visiting when she’s wearing the harness and can be let outdoors without fear of other dogs bothering her.

Protect your pet from unplanned pregnancies. Allow her body to fully mature before you have her spayed. Your dog is a member of your family and deserves to be treated with care. Show her unconditional love by looking out for her physical and mental health with Delay Her Spay’s assistance.

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