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3 Different Uses For Doggy Diapers You May Not Have Known About

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In today’s society, diapers for dogs are not uncommon or frowned upon for pet owners. Dog diapers can solve many problems in various stages of a dog’s life. Whether your dog is a new puppy or has aged greatly, a dog diaper will have multiple uses. These diapers will help your dog through some troubles as well as keeping your floors and furniture clean. Here are the three different uses for dog diapers.

Diapers for Untrained Dogs

For pet owners that do not have time every day to personally train their dogs, diapers can be used on dogs that are not yet potty trained. Within the first several months of owning a dog, accidents will happen. Putting your dogs in diapers will prevent messes to be made while they learn to control their urinary and bowel movements. Removing their diapers for when it is time to go outside to relieve themselves will let them more aware of when it is the time and place to handle their business.

Until you think they are completely house-broken, you should put diapers on your dog and change them every now and then to prevent the spread of bacteria and releasing of foul odors.

Be sure to reinforce positive behavior when their business is done outside at the proper time to go. Giving him or her a treat or playing with him or her are two good signs of positive reinforcement.

Diapers for Unrestrained Dogs

As your dog gets older, they could later have problems being able to control their urinary habits. Such conditions include a tract infection, a weak bladder, or even diabetes, which causes them to lose control of the way that they urinate.

If there are signs that your dog is not urinating as planned, it is advised that you take your dog to the vet’s office to see what could be done to prevent further urinary problems. In the meantime, dogs in diapers[Can we link to one of our products?] won’t be able to make messes, as the diapers will prevent accidents from happening on your carpets and floors.

For unrestrained male dogs, there are dog diapers that are called belly bands. They are put around the male dog’s waist like a belt. These bands are designed to give comfort to male dogs, which typical diapers might not provide.

Diapers for Dogs In Heat

Female dogs have their first heat cycle when they are around a half a year old. In most cases, dogs will come in heat at least twice a year.When dogs are in heat, they will secrete blood, which can be very messy to handle. If you are not interested in spaying your dogs, giving them diapers to wear is the most effective alternative.

Diapers come in several forms for dogs. Other than the belly bands previously mentioned, there are also “full coverage” diapers available. These diapers resemble your typical baby diapers, and provide extra insurance from accidents and leaks.

It is important to know that there no one-size-fits-all diaper on the market. Not only can a diaper that is too tight or loose be uncomfortable on your dog, but it will also have little to no effect on preventing messes. Be sure to measure your dog’s waist and legs so that you can find a diaper that will fit your dog comfortably.

If you decide on washable diapers opposed to disposable diapers, consider how long your dog will need to use them. The longer your dog will need diapers, the more necessary to buy washable diapers over disposable ones.

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