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Top 5 Tips to Avoid Accidental Dog Breeding: Introducing the PABS Delay her Spay Harness


Top 5 Tips to Avoid Accidental Dog Breeding: Introducing the PABS Delay her Spay Harness


Accidental dog breeding can lead to unexpected litters, which can pose challenges for both the owners and the welfare of the dogs involved. Responsible pet ownership includes taking proactive measures to prevent unplanned breeding. In this blog post, we will discuss five essential tips to help you avoid accidental dog breeding, with a special focus on the PABS Delay her Spay Harness as a valuable solution.

  1. Spay or Neuter your Dog:

One of the most effective ways to prevent accidental breeding is to have your dog spayed or neutered. This surgical procedure eliminates the ability to reproduce and offers numerous health benefits for your furry companion. Consult your veterinarian to determine the appropriate time for the procedure based on your dog's age, breed, and overall health.

  1. Supervise Interactions:

When your dog is in the presence of other dogs, it is crucial to closely supervise their interactions, especially if you are unsure of the other dog's reproductive status. Keep a watchful eye to prevent any unintended mating. If you are in a public area, always use a leash and maintain control over your dog to minimize the risk of unplanned encounters.

  1. Separate Dogs in Heat:

Female dogs go into heat approximately every six months, during which they become fertile and attract male dogs. If your dog I still intact, you can isolate your female dog from intact males during this period. Keep her indoors or in a securely fenced yard to prevent any accidental mating. Be cautious as male dogs may attempt to find a way to reach her, so take extra precautions to ensure her safety. 

  1. Train and Reinforce Recall:

Teaching your dog a reliable recall command is invaluable in preventing accidental breeding. Train your dog to come when called, and reinforce this behavior consistently. Having a well-trained dog will give you greater control in potential breeding situations, allowing you to quickly and safely remove your dog from any unwanted encounters.

  1. PABS Delay her Spay Harness:

The PABS Delay her Spay Harness is an innovative solution designed to prevent accidental mating in female dogs. This specially designed harness includes a mesh rear protector for shielding her vulva from the advanced of an unwanted male, preventing successful mating. The harness is made of mesh and shaped like a heart so that she can urinate through it and defecate over the top, with no mess for you to clean up. The harness has a “stay put” design to ensure that the harness stays on your dog until you want to take it off. The Delay her Spay harness provides a safe and effective solution during the female dog's heat cycle until she can be spayed, if ever. It offers peace of mind and eliminates the need for constant vigilance during this period.


Accidental dog breeding can have unintended consequences and result in unexpected or unwanted litters. By following these top five tips, including spaying or neutering your dog, supervising interactions, separating dogs in heat, training reliable recall, and utilizing the PABS Delay her Spay Harness, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidental breeding and promote responsible pet ownership. Remember, prevention is key in ensuring the well-being of your beloved canine companion and preventing unwanted litters.

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