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My Ovaries, My Choice: The Chronicles of Delaying My Spay Adventure

Read this blog, where we do our best to explain what a dog thinks of reproductive health! Trust us...the blog is more lighthearted than the picture! Read More

When Do I Know My Dog is No Longer in Heat? Understanding Canine Estrus

As an owner of an intact female dog, you can probably tell when your dog has started her heat cycle. But, do you know when she is finishing it. There are definitely signs that she is going out of her cycle. Read our blog to find out what those signs are.

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Unleash the Hormones: Why Waiting for Your Pup to Grow Up is Worth It!

Are you concerned that your dog is too young to spay because she hasn't gone through a first heat cycle? In fact, it is in your dog's best interest to wait so that she will be healthier. Here are your options for avoiding an accidental litter in the meantime! Read More
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