Why You Need A Dog Chastity Belt NOW!

This post is to inform responsible dog owners and breeders of the importance of owning a PABS system before the dog comes into heat. Our dogs can not tell us when that time is near. The PABS system should be already fitted and ready when that time comes. That way you won’t have to scramble to have it shipped expensively and risk an accident.

There are many instances that pet parents internationally need it ASAP. and it takes 7 to 10 business days to reach them. For US pet parents overnight shipping can be expensive.

Another reason for having the system on hand is in some cases you may recognize that your pet is too young for a litter or to be spayed. Or you’re just not ready for a litter at the time. Keep your dog protected by having a PABS on hand before that heat cycle comes in. The dog chastity belt takes the stresses away from such an unmanageable moment.

Remember, you save will money by getting a PABS system early. You are also protecting your pet from unwanted or accidental litters.