Why Choose PABS’ Delay Her Spay Pet Anti-Breeding System?

PABS™ IS NOT A SUBSTITUE FOR SPAYING. PABS™ is for pet owners who want to delay spaying to promote the health and longevity of their pet family member. Recent studies have indicated that early spaying may lead to multiple long term health affects for the family pet. Even more disturbing is that early spaying may even reduce the pets life expectancy by 4-6 years.

(http://www.gpmcf.org/respectovaries.html); The link to the study. (gpmcf.org/PDFs/db.pdf)


  Pet owners who want to delay spaying have few choices. Typically, pet owners are faced with subjecting their family pet to potentially harmful temporary chemical treatments. PABS™ is the only temporary nonchemical, nonsurgical, noninvasive anti-breeding device that allows the pet owner to choose the time for spaying, while posing absolutely no harm to the pet.