Testimonial: PABS Delay Her Spay, Fine Job and Creative

This letter is to express my professional opinion of the product, animal breeding-control device, you have presented for evaluation. As I mentioned to you at our meeting, I’ve been a professional inventor/designer for more than 40 years. I hold a degree in industrial design from the University of Southern California. I hold more than 40 patents, copyrights, and trademarks within the toy and pet-industry fields. I’ve been the head of research and development for a division of Milton Bradley. For the major portion of my career I’ve been an independent inventor/designer. I’ve started eight companies during this time to develop my inventions or to produce them. These 40 years have consisted of working with these companies and consulting to independent inventors. In all of these years I’ve never seen a product, from an independent inventor, developed to the degree of professional level, and with such thorough research into the product category as yours. I believe PABS Delay Her Spay has market potential. I cannot see why it would not be a success if the same energy and competence goes into the development of sales and marketing.

I congratulate you on a fine job and creative effort.