Spaying Too Young

I know about now we are all aware of the fact, that spaying our pets in the fashion that we have been doing it is wrong. Change is not always easy, there are those that going to hate changing the way they have been doing it for so long. Think about it doing a major surgery that young on our pets has to bring complications later. To my knowledge there are quite a few Veterinary schools/universities coming out against Spaying too young. I’m also beginning to see where there’s a move not to do the whole vasectomy just a partial one.

Why surgery at all? There are other countries that don’t believe in cutting on their pets and don’t have over population issues. “Use the Dog Chastity Belt” it allows your dog to remain in her natural state the way GOD intended all along. Not having surgery is becoming the first choice now among pet parents. There is an alternative now to leave her in her natural state.