South Africa & Chastity Belt for Dogs

Dear DexterWhen I received the PABS™ set (with the extra size free – a big thank you) I thought I was going to have trouble with Lundi pulling it off herself. How wrong could I have been? Lundi wore it throughout her season without a hitch. I had to make a minor shortening adjustment for the strap from the collar to the tail area but it fitted well in all other respects. I am delighted to be able to tell you that she did not fall pregnant even with all her flirting and my male, Growler’s attention. One slight detail that perhaps you can give me some advice on if possible – I found that the cross across the tail would slip off to below her tail quite often but just hitched it back over her tail (her tail is docked to about 12cm). She will have her first litter of puppies with her next season and then plan to skip the one following that to give her proper time for her body to recover. What more can I say – the PABS™ system is a dog owners dream come true and I cannot thank you enough for advertising it on the web and allowing me to keep my companion at home instead of putting her in kennels. She would have been so unhappy as all my dogs sleep inside in my bedroom at night and have never had to spend a night alone in some foreign place. I hope that I have told enough people about my success to help themselves and their dogs as well by contacting you. Our vet was most impressed though she did laugh at first when I told her what I was going to do – don’t think she really believed that you could buy a dog “chastity belt” and use it with success! Well you proved her wrong. Yours sincerely Fiona South Africa

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