Satisfied Canadian Pet parent

Hello, Dexter! I wanted to thank you once again, for rushing your product to me last month. The harness worked great, and it held up to all of the abuse it received by my male Rottweiler. No matter how hard he tried, and try he did, he was always left frustrated, having been blocked at the pass by your great harness. I felt for him, but until our female is older we don’t want them hooking up, not until she is two years old. This was her first heat.
  We have showed your harness to the people who run our dog training school (Blue Ribbon Canine Centre), here in Montreal, and they were very impressed with it. We’ve also shown the harness to two local pet stores, and our veterinarian, and they were equally impressed with your harness. Everyone mentioned that they’d like to have some of your harnesses on hand, because they are always getting requests for a better and more convenient way to protect females from unwanted pregnancy. So, I hope that you start receiving more orders from Canada.
                                         Thanks, Chris