PABS Delay Her Spay Harness or Diaper System for Dogs

PABS Delay Her Spay Dog Breeding-Prevention Harness


PABS™ has developed the patented Delay Her Spay harness—a veritable a chastity belt for dogs—deterring unwanted or accidental breeding and doubling as a dog-diaper system. Delay Her Spay prevents your female from being bred, whether because she’s too young for a litter, to allow her growth plates to grow until you decide if (or when) to spay.

PABS Sani-T Pads Dog Diaper Refills

The PABS Sani-T Pads Dog Diaper Refills


Sani-T Pad dog diapers cover your dog's vulva when inserted in the pocket of the PABS Delay Her Spay harness to protect your surfaces during the early stages of your pet's heat cycle (her period). Washable, reusable.

PABS Delay Her Spay Storage Bag

PABS Delay Her Spay Storage Bag


The backpack includes and enough room to hold a single harnesses and at least 24 Sani-T Pads sanitary pads. Plus, it is made of Recycle #5 Material.

The PABS Delay Her Spay Harness is especially designed for dogs in heat and dog owners who want to delay spaying out of concern for the health of their dog. Use Delay Her Spay if you want to let your dog’s hormones fully distribute and her growth plates complete growing before you spay. We are not against traditional spaying and neutering when the time is right!

If you have a dog that bleeds during her cycle, you will want to also get our Sani-T Pads dog diapers. The PABS Delay Her Spay Harness’s rear mesh covering includes a mesh pocket in which you can place Sani-T Pads—made to fit perfectly into the pocket to protect flooring, furniture, and car seats during the first stages of the heat cycle.

The Delay Her Spay pet-breeding protection harness and Sani-T Pad dog diapers can also be used during pet incontinence caused by age, illness, premature spaying or disability. The Sani-T Pad will absorb urine or discharge during her period (while in season).

Whether you use the PABS Delay Her Spay Harness to protect your female from unwanted mating or when you need absorbency. You will quickly see why so many pet owners, breeders, and lovers are devoted to PABS’ Delay Her Spay system!

Remember, all our products are washable and reusable!