PABS Afield! A Hunting Dog’s Story!


Here is a photo of my female, Fawn, pointing a pheasant.

I just wanted to take time to thank you for the phenomenal customer service and quickly shipping PABS to me.

I was a little hesitant to let my wife take Fawn to her parent’s home for the weekend because she was in heat. My dog is off champion hunting bloodline. So, I am always on guard against an accidental breeding. But, with PABS I had no worries and Fawn returned just as she was when she left. Having PABS took away my anxiety!

Since her trip to the in-laws, I have had Fawn at the park, the training fields and my hunting club while she was in heat and wearing PABS. It never worried me that she would be bred while out of my sight. PABS gives me the confidence that I will be able to keep Fawn protected while she is in heat.

Also of important note, the PABS, has been put through some rigorous usage on my dog while she’s hunting or training. I have run her through the forest and fields of my hunting club in Pennsylvania, not only did I run her while I was walking, but I also had her out in front of my ATV. She ran at full pace through switch grass, corn, and thick forest with no issue.

She was also able to stop to relieve herself: “number one and two” with no problem.

After her runs I usually take her down to the lake where she retrieves from the center of the lake and then she plays in a nearby shallow stream, all with the system on. The PABS Harness dries quickly and does not hinder her performance or my training regimens. I would never feel comfortable taking her out of my backyard without PABS while she’s in heat.


Donny Zarra

412 606-4518

Pittsburgh, PA

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