A Message From Terri Galle, Premiere Dog Handler

For more than 30 years, I have made dogs the centerpiece my life, and I am fortunate enough to have turned my passion into my line of work. As a nationally recognized premiere dog handler, I encounter many products designed especially with the breeder in mind. Countless products approach the superfluous, yet do not really address your needs as a breeder. With that in mind, I am thrilled to introduce a historic breakthrough in the way we breed our pets. The old way of managing breeding meant locking up and separating your loved one. Now, your loved one can be offered what she ultimately deserves—protection without the psychological trauma of confinement. The search is over. PABS’ Delay Her Spay is a remarkable innovation in controlling and managing breeding. I am simply moved by this innovation. It will dramatically improve the way we breed our pets. A breeder’s essential, PABS is the best assurance your female dog is bred by the male of your choice. It puts you in total control of your breeding program. Stop accidental and unwanted breeding, and eliminate the psychological trauma of confining your loved one. The choice is simple. Welcome to a new era in breeder management.

—Terri Galle
Premiere Dog Handler