Review: Kaya’s New Period Gear

Delay Her Spay is a dog chastity belt by PABS, a company whose owner I met at the Global Pet Expo. Dexter, the founder, was kind enough to send me a sample to try out. Just in time for Kaya’s heat cycle.

This product is genius!

With early spay and neuter proving to be more dangerous, sometimes causing life long incontinence, more and more dog owners are opting to do the surgery after a year of age. A product such as this one can make owning an intact female dog much easier during her twice a year heat cycles.

Pictured here, Kaya is wearing a pad inside the mesh, for when she’s in the house, but when outside, the pad is removed, the dog can urinate freely and most importantly, mating accidents are prevented.

Kaya’s New Belt

Even though I don’t plan on breeding Kaya, and will likely spay her before too long (as she’s almost 7 y.o now), what I love most about this product is that it stays on. As a younger dog, Kaya was notorious for taking her panties off during the night and cleaning herself. These stay on.

If you’re interested, please contact Dexter or can purchase Delay Her Spay right from their website.

—Gabriela Urevitch
Complete Canine Academy
Myakka City, FL