Don’t OR Won’t Spay

There are those that don’t or won’t spay. And there are a lot of pet parents that  can’t see the value.

Chaz_Done_Small They think this product is a national campaign against spay/neuter. IT IS NOT! But there is a need if they’re as responsible as they say they are. All the new studies & research is strongly suggesting to not spay too young. And still they are questioning the new research. Wow! This Dog Chastity Belt (PABS) is really a God send to the millions of pet owners that don’t or won’t spay. For over 40 yrs. since spay/neuter been around some people just don’t get it to spay their pet.

Look at the overpopulation issue evidently there are those who DON’T or WON’T spay. We are not against spaying your dog. But we are against doing it too young.