Chastity Belt for Dogs

Hello. We purchased and used the dog chastity belt for our lovely 1/2 Samoyed 1/2 wolf dog Cassidy. Having raised a couple of litters already, we were not eager to do so again and were keenly aware of how difficult it is to keep the boys and girls apart. We also did not wish to fix the dogs since it alters their hormonal balance and temperament. When we first put the chastity belt on Cassidy, she was stunned and very resistance. After a few hours she settled into it and was fine. The belt provided a level of assurance that she would not get pregnant again and she didn’t! We were able to let the boys hang out with her and nothing happened. Though the boy dogs were very disappointed. We’ve recommended it to our friends and would recommend it to anybody not wanting puppies and not wishing to spay their canine companions. Highly recommended!