Delay Her Spay and Potentially Avoid Chronic Dog Incontinence

If you want to avoid chronic incontinence in your dog read this!

On April 20, 2016, the American Kennel Club (AKC) announced a change to its spaying and neutering policy with steps you need to take to ensure your dog doesn’t suffer from a leaky bladder sooner than she has to. Specifically, the AKC announced their policy changes “take into account recent scientific studies finding that sterilizing a dog, particularly before it is fully matured, can lead to significant future health issues, including cancer (such as osteosarcoma, hemagiosarcoma, and lymphosarcoma), hip dysplasia, ligament damage, chronic incontinence, and even a shorter lifespan.” In short, the AKC is saying that if you don’t wait until your dog reaches maturity before you spay, you’re likely relegating her to a life in diapers sooner than you think.

Why is this news important to you? According to PetSmart Charities, 86% of dogs have already been spayed or neutered. This means if you own a dog you will most likely be dealing with incontinence issues at some point. When you do, you will probably be like other pet parents and research which dog diaper is best for you and your dog. Some manufacturers will try to draw you in by saying their diaper is more absorbent than their competitor’s, while other manufacturers will offer diapers in various colors so you and your dog can have matching outfits.

Instead, with all the choices available, why not get a dog diaper that will stay in place when used. Simple enough, right? WRONG! Most dog diapers are easily removed because of a basic flaw in their design—they do not have a backstrap to keep them in place.

Highly Favored Creations, LLC, offers a patented dog-diaper system in the form of PABS Delay Her Spay harness. Delay Her Spay is the only dog diaper system on the market using a backstrap. The Delay Her Spay backstrap functions as suspenders, allowing your dog to run and play while wearing the harness.

If you want to help your female dog intact to avoid possible chronic incontinence, go the healthy way and Delay Her Spay; but if she was spayed at a very young age and does become incontinent, the Delay Her Spay harness with Sani-T Pads dog diapers is still the right solution for you. It stays in place when other conventional dog-diapers systems don’t.

Shop for your PABS Delay Her Spay harness and Sani-T Pads dog-diaper system today!