At What Age Should You Spay Your Dog?


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Part I of IV: At what age should I spay my dog?

There are a ton of competing sources that purport to provide answers as to “What age is the proper age to spay my dog?” A Google search on “When should I spay my dog” leads to over 1,170,000 results, but no clear cut answer. In 2014, PetSmart Charities documented the confusion amongst pet owners when it found that just 26% of pet owners thought that pets could be spayed at 4 months of age or younger, 50% of pet owners believed that spaying should take place at 6 months or older, and another 23% of pet owners just didn’t know what age was appropriate. (PetSmart Charities 2014 Survey here) When you do the numbers it means that pet owners concerned about dog pregnancy prevention do not have a clear cut answer to the question “at what age is spaying their dog ok?”

As pet owners, it appears that we are not getting much help from the veterinarian community in answering the question. That is because the medical experts are very much at odds about what age is the right age to spay. Their disagreement generally focuses on what long term effect does spaying have on our dog’s health and longevity. For example, in an article published by the AKC Canine Health Foundation and written by Margaret Root-Kustritz, DVM, PhD from the University of Minnesota reports that most veterinarians in the United States take the position that it is safe to spay between the ages of 6 and 9 months. However, Dr. Root-Kustriz also notes that this recommendation comes without any scientific backing. (Dr. Root-Kustriz Article here) On the other hand, Ron Hines, DVM, PhD, who has performed multiple spaying surgeries over the years, blogs about the need to revisit the idea of early-age spaying. (Dr. Hine’s Blog)  In his blog, Dr. Hines draws supporting reference to a 2009 study supported by Purdue University involving spayed and intact female rottweilers. In the study, Dr. David Waters seems to suggests that spaying females rottweilers before 4 years of age reduces their lifespan by as much as 30% over their unspayed counterparts. (Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation Study here)

What all this shows is that not only are the animal experts at odds on what the proper age to spay may be, but also that pet owners have no real authoritative source to turn to for settling the issue. No wonder we as pet owners are confused on the issue of when to spay our beloved pet family member!

In truth, the answer may be somewhere in between. We pet owners may not know the proper age to spay our dogs but we do know that some pets are just too young to spay. What we need is a safe and natural method for securely waiting until we as pet owners are comfortable that the time for spaying right.

This is just one reason why we, at Highly Favored Creations, LLC,  invented PABSTM, the Pet Anti-Breeding System. PABSTM gives dog owners a safe a secure way to avoid unwanted litters while they decide if and when to spay their dog. PABSTM, a dog chastity belt, is the first patented all natural dog contraception available worldwide that is designed to prevent accidental dog mating.

Our veterinary experts haven’t told us the proper age to spay. But, if delaying spaying possibly promotes a healthier longer living pet, then why not give PABSTM a try? I think we can all agree that our pet loved ones deserve that chance for all the love they give us.

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In Part II, we will cover issues around spaying your dog too young (pre-pubescent spaying) .

In Part III, we will discuss new ways to calculate your dog’s age in human years when she is spayed.

In Part IV, we will share your comments on Parts I, II, and III with other interested pet parents.

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