As the AKC cautions dog owners on thedangers of spaying a dog too early in life, dog owners around the world are starting to delay the surgical procedure and look for alternatives. In doing so, they run the danger of their dog becoming pregnant and having a litter of unexpected puppies, either by a fellow house dog or a neighborhood-wandering father. The owners must find a way to protect the health of their dogs during surgical spaying or from unplanned pregnancies. As a distributor, you have the answer.

That’s where PABS products come in. We’ve developed the ultimate dog chastity belt, called Delay Her Spay, so female dogs can remain intact and still be protected from unwanted advances during heat. The Delay Her Spay chastity belt harness along with Sani-T dog diapers also work as an excellent system for pet owners who need sanitary pads to address dog-incontinence issues.

It’s not just young dogs our products work for, though. Incontinent dogs would have once been euthanized or banished to the dog house in order to protect the furniture and carpet, but your customers are attached to their pets more than ever and are willing to put up with a lot to keep them in the house. The PABS Sani-T dog diapers with the Delay Her Spay harness are and easy-to-use and convenient way for dog owners to keep their beloved pet indoors.

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